The Trion Difference

We Believe in the Power of Data:

Data Drives Our Process

We offer a suite of proprietary strategic planning and forecasting modeling tools to support a multi-year strategy:

  • The Total Opportunity Matrix assesses your complete benefits program in 150+ categories to provide a baseline score and targeted strategies for consideration.
  • MMA’s Planning and Analytics for Total Health (PATH) analyzes client health data providing targeted, actionable insights and strategies offering ways to improve your overall benefits program. Click here to learn more about PATH. (this should jump to the PATH page under Specialty Services)
  • Financial Modeling: Strategies identified through the TOM analysis and PATH recommendations are modeled to determine viability and impact on five-year spending targets.

We Are Innovative:

We bring new solutions to the table

Our dedicated Strategic Initiatives Division (SID) is a cross-functional team comprising actuarial services, data analytics, clinical resources, prescription drug experts, stop loss leaders, wellbeing and compliance experts. The SID identifies market trends and develops leading-edge solutions and best practices implemented by our account teams to support our clients.


We Get Results:

Our partnership strategy holds us accountable

We deliver a customer experience that’s unmatched in our industry- and one that allows our teams to be nimble, responsive, and fully committed to each client’s business success. Our approach, and with what we believe are unmatched resources help our client minimize their risk and maximize the return on their employee benefit spend.

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